Fixed Fight 3 - April 18th

    On Saturday, April 18th, The Skirts (along with anyone who knows what's good for them) will be attending Fixed Fight 3 in Saint Petersburg, Fl.  Last year's Fixed Fight was the official Debut of The Skirts, and we've had one hell of a year.  
     What can you expect from us?  Well, we'll have some new shirts to sell (though in limited supply, so make sure to snatch yours up while you can!) as well as some top tube pads and hand-knit fingerless gloves, made personally by The Skirts!  And, as per usual, you can expect to purchase and enjoy the best damn vegan cupcakes you have ever tasted.
     The Skirts will also be racing, gunning for some of the fabulous prizes that organizers Todd and Pete have rounded up for one fabulous event.

Registration begins at 1:30 PM in the Courtyard of Cafe Bohemia - 937 Central Avenue, St. Pete.  The race begins promptly at 3.  Afterwards, the celebration/awards will be held at Cafe Bohemia with a Trick Comp to follow.

Be there!

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