Skirts Baking Party!

In preparation for the Back to School Shuffle today in Orlando, the Skirts had a traditional Skirts baking party.  We made a batch of chocolate chip cookies, some pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon icing, and some chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.  All of these, plus spoke cards and more, will be available for purchase at the Alleycat today in Orlando.

Stephanie bakes some yummy cupcakes.

A blurry Erin frosts while Steph and Pam look on.

A mountain of Skirts cookies.

Check back soon for a recap of the Back 2 School Shuffle!

FM.24.08 and Back to School Shuffle

Due to certain circumstances, only three of the Skirts were able to make it to Atlanta, and only two were able to race. Pam, Cathryn and Carolyn were there to represent all of the Skirts who couldn't make it. Pam did a very respectable 51 minute lap, while Carolyn completed two laps, one of which was over two hours long - here's to getting lost in Atlanta! Cathryn played mama to all, and we couldn't have kept our bellys fed or our sainity in tack without her.

The girls also made sandwiches and helped cheer on the boys of Tampa Bay. Team Baby Seal Club, consisting of Pete Young and Taylor Norton finished an incredible 34 laps, landing them in 2nd place for duo teams! Congratulations are also in order for team TCBLB; 6th place! Corey Jordon and Jackson from SRQ dominated all three trick contests. And our very own Lily completed an amazing eight laps, and took 5th place girl! Everyone rode fixed, despite nasty Atlanta hills and we couldn't be prouder.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

On the way! Safety first!

Pam and her trusty bullhorn

Go Skirts!

The trip home: complete with bathroom breaks at Cafe Risque. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Overall, it was a fun, successful weekend.
Next up: Back to School Shuffle in Orlando!

On September 20th, the Skirts will be at the Back to School Shuffle Alley Cat in Orlando, Florida. Orlando has always been good to the Skirts, so we expect a good time and a great bake sale. We will be arriving prepared with cupcakes, cookies, and whatever else we decide to bake, along with water and gatorade. Proceeds go to CASA!

Also, B2SS hopes to get donations of school supplies for area schools. The Skirts hope to have a good amount of supplies to donate, so if you have anything extra lying around, like crayons, paper, pencils, etc., send us a line!

Skirts Clubhouse Grand Opening!

Good news!  The Skirts official Clubhouse is almost ready for its grand opening.  And you know that we can't have an opening without throwing a party!

Join the skirts as we christen our new home.  We will be having a pot-luck dinner, so bring food, cupcakes, booze, whatever.  Bring your bikes and your tools.  We hope for this to turn into a co-op/workshop space at some point, so we want to show it off!  

Bring your rudimentary/mid-grade/totally expert knowledge of bicycle maintenance and share it with everyone!

The party begins at Pam's house at 2pm on October 11th.
2708 9th Ave. N, St Pete.
Save the Date!