Hey Ya'll, Listen Up!

We are hosting our first race! And you're invited!

What: Miracle on 34th Street, a fun race we are hosting in conjunction with The Nutcracker, the final race in the Florida Fixed Gear Point Series.

When: December 20, 2008. Registration is at 2:30 and both races begin promptly at 3:30.

Where: Registration is at 66Fixed in St. Petersburg.

Also: Bring a bag for the race! Polo and trick competition post-race. More details to come.

We are still looking for sponsors for prizes large and small, so if you'd like to get in on this please contact us at stpeteskirts@gmail.com.

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The Skirts say go vote! We'll forgive you for not showing up to the ride this evening, if it means you're standing in some super long line, just waiting to excercise your voting rights! Some of those smart ladies who already participated in early voting will still be riding at 66Fixed at 7pm (make sure to bring your lights, tho- it gets dark real early like these days!).

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On November 17th, the Skirts will be holding the first workshop in the new clubhouse! Everyone is invited to join us at the clubhouse to learn about bicycle maintenance. Our first workshop will be on changing your own tires and tubes. Men, don't be afraid to come out for this too - this event is co-ed.

If you are interested in joining the Skirts mailing list for updates, email us at stpeteskirts@gmail.com

Bicycle Bash! Let's Bash Some Bicycles!

No, wait. Don't do that.

But, do come on down to Vinoy Park on Sunday, October 19th from 11Am to 4PM and check out The Skirt's Table and The Tampa Bay Co-Op!

The Bash is a bicycle festival put on by SWFBUD (SouthWest Florida Bicycle United Dealers) -- an alliance of seven Tampa Bay-area retailbike shops committed to promoting bicycling, building bike advocacy and lobbying local officials to support cycling as a healthy lifestyle and effective mode oftransportation!

Bicycles! Health! Advocay! Wowzers!

We'll be there slinging cupcakes and smiles; and getting the word out about our weekly rides and upcoming workshops. Come show your support! And pick up a Skirt's spoke card with Florida bicycle laws on it, or one of our famous Oreo vegan cupcakes while you're at it!

cruelty free! yummy!

The Skirts Love you!



Just as a reminder, The Skirts will be opening the Clubhouse doors to the public on Saturday, October 11th (which is this Saturday for those of you caught unawares). The festivities begin at 2 PM.

It's potluck, so bring your favorite yummy food, your favorite drinks, and your party pants. Skirts, there will be a photo shoot with the brilliant and talented Athena, so be prepared.

Skirts Baking Party!

In preparation for the Back to School Shuffle today in Orlando, the Skirts had a traditional Skirts baking party.  We made a batch of chocolate chip cookies, some pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon icing, and some chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.  All of these, plus spoke cards and more, will be available for purchase at the Alleycat today in Orlando.

Stephanie bakes some yummy cupcakes.

A blurry Erin frosts while Steph and Pam look on.

A mountain of Skirts cookies.

Check back soon for a recap of the Back 2 School Shuffle!

FM.24.08 and Back to School Shuffle

Due to certain circumstances, only three of the Skirts were able to make it to Atlanta, and only two were able to race. Pam, Cathryn and Carolyn were there to represent all of the Skirts who couldn't make it. Pam did a very respectable 51 minute lap, while Carolyn completed two laps, one of which was over two hours long - here's to getting lost in Atlanta! Cathryn played mama to all, and we couldn't have kept our bellys fed or our sainity in tack without her.

The girls also made sandwiches and helped cheer on the boys of Tampa Bay. Team Baby Seal Club, consisting of Pete Young and Taylor Norton finished an incredible 34 laps, landing them in 2nd place for duo teams! Congratulations are also in order for team TCBLB; 6th place! Corey Jordon and Jackson from SRQ dominated all three trick contests. And our very own Lily completed an amazing eight laps, and took 5th place girl! Everyone rode fixed, despite nasty Atlanta hills and we couldn't be prouder.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

On the way! Safety first!

Pam and her trusty bullhorn

Go Skirts!

The trip home: complete with bathroom breaks at Cafe Risque. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Overall, it was a fun, successful weekend.
Next up: Back to School Shuffle in Orlando!

On September 20th, the Skirts will be at the Back to School Shuffle Alley Cat in Orlando, Florida. Orlando has always been good to the Skirts, so we expect a good time and a great bake sale. We will be arriving prepared with cupcakes, cookies, and whatever else we decide to bake, along with water and gatorade. Proceeds go to CASA!

Also, B2SS hopes to get donations of school supplies for area schools. The Skirts hope to have a good amount of supplies to donate, so if you have anything extra lying around, like crayons, paper, pencils, etc., send us a line!

Skirts Clubhouse Grand Opening!

Good news!  The Skirts official Clubhouse is almost ready for its grand opening.  And you know that we can't have an opening without throwing a party!

Join the skirts as we christen our new home.  We will be having a pot-luck dinner, so bring food, cupcakes, booze, whatever.  Bring your bikes and your tools.  We hope for this to turn into a co-op/workshop space at some point, so we want to show it off!  

Bring your rudimentary/mid-grade/totally expert knowledge of bicycle maintenance and share it with everyone!

The party begins at Pam's house at 2pm on October 11th.
2708 9th Ave. N, St Pete.
Save the Date!

Upcoming Events

The skirts have been busy the last few weeks, mostly planning for Faster Mustache in Atlanta.

  It looks to be a pretty bangin' time.  So look for us on September 6th and 7th.  We'll be selling the usual spoke cards, water, and Gatorade, along with some new treats for y'all.  And as always, proceeds go to CASA.

In addition to FM, the ladies are started to gear up for Bicycle Bash on October 19th in St Pete.  Come by our table for tons of cupcake goodies and, well, hot girls.  Proceeds go to CASA!

King of Evil II, the photographs.

We had a real swell time! Thanks to Corey Jordan for pulling together such a lovely night race, and congrats to all The Skirts who raced, placed, baked, manned tables, or did anything else to help keep this delightful operation afloat.

Some of Pamagram's King of Evil photos:
Amanda modeling one of our new team shirts

Carolyn wants you to call her people. We are nothing without our networking

Dark chocolate chocolate chip cuppers with chocolate mousse. Bonus mini flyer, as usual. 

Lily, unofficial Skirts photographer and speed demon.

The booth. Notice our new shirts right thar on the front! $12, and proceeds go to The Skirts and CASA!

See the rest on her flickr.

Lily's pictures:
Pre-race hydration does not include haterade. 

Eric Rogers: nosebleed victim or true feminist?

Pre-race polo tournament, a happy new tradition. 

Lily's pictures live here.

Bob Croslin came out and took some really excellent photos:

Danny and Abbie!


Lily! Rawr!

Carol and Mike!

The Skirts (Well, some of us. Trying to get everyone in one picture is like trying to catch a cloud and pin it down). Athena, Kelly, Lily, Abbie, Pamalita. 

The rest of his King of Evil II pictures are here.

If you'd like to buy a Skirts shirt ($12, charcoal with the logo) or a spoke card ($2 with the bike laws on the back), email us at stpeteskirts@gmail.com, or come visit us at an upcoming event. We owe a whole lot to Patrick for making the logo, and Tyler for busting his butt to make the shirts in time for this weekend's race. Thanks guys!

We went to Disney World, and all we got were these stupid spoke cards.

So we didn't actually go to Disney World, and the spoke cards were pretty great. And we had a lovely time at Rat Race 2. Thanks to the organizers for letting us set up a bake sale before and after, and for putting on such a fun race.

From Steve Willis:

Drunken Monkey, pre race.

Carol slides!

See the rest of his photos here.

From Falon:



Pamela and Carolyn!

Scotty! Action shot!

See the rest of her photos here.

From Pamalita, Skirts prez:


Oh hai wanna buy a cupcake?

Psst! We've got Skirts spoke cards for sale. And they've got the Florida bike laws on the back! Email us at stpeteskirts@gmail.com or visit us at an event if you want one.

See her photos

<3 The Skirts

King of Evil! This weekend! Wowzers!

We'll be there! With cupcakes! Before and after. Come see us at the race, and come see us for the benefit brunch that follows.

So throw your hands in the ay-air. And wave them like you just don't cay-are.

And if you like tofu and grits and all that pimp @$!&, everybody lemme hear you say oh yeah-er.

The next brunch and bike ride will be Sunday, July 20th. 12:30 for the ride, 1:30 for the brunch. The menu is fantastic, the theme is phenomenal, and the proceeds this month (brunch is still only $5!) go to The Skirts. Woo! See details at Hooray Vegan.

A preview:

Welcome to Atlanta, where the players play. And we ride on them things like every day.

The Skirts will have a team or two and a bake sale at FM.24 this year. September 6-7, 2008, Atlanta, Georgia. Details TBA.

If you'd like to ride with the Skirts, let us know at stpeteskirts@gmail.com.

Woo! Can't wait.

Bike rides for breakfast, pancakes for brunch.

Abbie Rae is moving to Denver for a few months, so this may be the last bike ride and brunch for a bit. Be there or be square, dudes and dudettes.

When: July 20, 2008

Where: 140 Ricardo Way NE in St. Pete

The bike ride begins at Northshore Park at 12:30 (meet at the picnic table near 15th Ave N). Brunch begins at 1:30 at the adress above. The donation is $5, and proceeds this month go to The Skirts.

Contact us at stpeteskirts@gmail.com with questions.

See you in Jamlando.

Orlando Rat Race 2! The Skirts will be there! Riding bikes and slinging vegan cupcakes, cookies, and other goodies.

Visit http://www.myspace.com/orlandoratrace for details.

Come visit us at the Rat Race after party and get you some baked goods. 25% of our proceeds go to CASA, and the remaining 75% go to Skirts programming, which includes girl-friendly workshops and training rides. 100% of our baked goods make happy tummies.

Email us at stpeteskirts@gmail.com if you have questions or would like to volunteer.

July Bike Night at the Tampa Bike Co-Op

The Tampa Bike Co-Op hosts Bike Night every first Monday of the month at Transitions Art Gallery. Free bike help, free food, free fun.

The next one is July 7th at 7 pm. We'll see you there!