Bicycle Bash! Let's Bash Some Bicycles!

No, wait. Don't do that.

But, do come on down to Vinoy Park on Sunday, October 19th from 11Am to 4PM and check out The Skirt's Table and The Tampa Bay Co-Op!

The Bash is a bicycle festival put on by SWFBUD (SouthWest Florida Bicycle United Dealers) -- an alliance of seven Tampa Bay-area retailbike shops committed to promoting bicycling, building bike advocacy and lobbying local officials to support cycling as a healthy lifestyle and effective mode oftransportation!

Bicycles! Health! Advocay! Wowzers!

We'll be there slinging cupcakes and smiles; and getting the word out about our weekly rides and upcoming workshops. Come show your support! And pick up a Skirt's spoke card with Florida bicycle laws on it, or one of our famous Oreo vegan cupcakes while you're at it!

cruelty free! yummy!

The Skirts Love you!


1 comment:

pedaller said...

I so wish I knew those were vegan cupcakes! I had one of the hotdog vendors bring in some Vegan Smart Dogs, they went quickly before I got there. Fortunately, he reserved one for me. I was famished!

btw, I hear that Leafy Greens is moving to 401 Central Ave. in early November.