We went to Disney World, and all we got were these stupid spoke cards.

So we didn't actually go to Disney World, and the spoke cards were pretty great. And we had a lovely time at Rat Race 2. Thanks to the organizers for letting us set up a bake sale before and after, and for putting on such a fun race.

From Steve Willis:

Drunken Monkey, pre race.

Carol slides!

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From Falon:



Pamela and Carolyn!

Scotty! Action shot!

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From Pamalita, Skirts prez:


Oh hai wanna buy a cupcake?

Psst! We've got Skirts spoke cards for sale. And they've got the Florida bike laws on the back! Email us at stpeteskirts@gmail.com or visit us at an event if you want one.

See her photos

<3 The Skirts

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