Bicycle Bash by the Bay 2009

This year, the Skirts will again be participating in the Bicycle Bash by the Bay. This year the festivities will be held at North Straub Park in St. Petersburg. We expect a great turnout, and we did have a LOT of success last year! We will be selling our famous cupcakes as well as some handmade cycling accessories, so stop by and check it out!


In what was recently announced as the final Faster Mustache race, The Skirts outdid last year's showing by over 5 times the number of laps.... which isn't hard when your previous record is two. This year, our team of 2.5 completed a total of 11 laps. During her first lap, Cathryn took a spill and was incapacitated for the rest of the race. Kudos to Maria and Sierra for rallying together for a strong finish from what was essentially a 2 person team at that point.
In even better news, our own Sierra won a pair of track drops for placing as fastest female under 21. Congratulations Sierra!