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On Saturday, December 12, 2009 the Skirts & Mike Weimer will be presenting the Nutcracker II.

More details to follow, but we would like to thanks a couple sponsors for being super awesome:
Polar Bottle
Keirin Culture/Team Kazane
Ugly! Pads
Freight Baggage
Heart of Gold
Sewing Sloth
Give & Take, Inc
66 Fixed

Bicycle Bash by the Bay 2009

This year, the Skirts will again be participating in the Bicycle Bash by the Bay. This year the festivities will be held at North Straub Park in St. Petersburg. We expect a great turnout, and we did have a LOT of success last year! We will be selling our famous cupcakes as well as some handmade cycling accessories, so stop by and check it out!


In what was recently announced as the final Faster Mustache race, The Skirts outdid last year's showing by over 5 times the number of laps.... which isn't hard when your previous record is two. This year, our team of 2.5 completed a total of 11 laps. During her first lap, Cathryn took a spill and was incapacitated for the rest of the race. Kudos to Maria and Sierra for rallying together for a strong finish from what was essentially a 2 person team at that point.
In even better news, our own Sierra won a pair of track drops for placing as fastest female under 21. Congratulations Sierra!


Faster Mustache is coming up! This relay in Atlanta is amazing and not to be missed.

If you are interested in racing for the Skirts team, please email us at!

South Florida Call to Cranks

On May 23-25, South Florida and Heart of Gold Clothing will be hosting the Call to Cranks bicycle weekend. Put it on your calendar and expect nothing but the best from the SoFl folks! The Skirts will be there to race and to sell delicious cupcakes. In addition to an alleycat, the weekend will feature polo, velodrome action, and the Florida premiere of Death Pedal!

Sunday Long Rides!

The Skirts are bringing back the Sunday Long Ride! Last Sunday, Susan and Erin went to Seminole and back. Next week, we're taking the day off for Mother's Day, but the following week we will be taking another long ride along the trail. Stay tuned for updates on meeting times and routes! And as always, email us if you have any questions.

Fixed Fight 3=Total success.

This past Saturday was Fixed Fight 3, and the Skirts had a total of 6 ladies racing. Our cupcakes were a smashing success, and we even sold a few shirts and a home-made top tube pad from Susan! Here are some pictures from the race, taken by Matthew Parke:
Pam and Erin man the merch booth

Yummy and fashionable!

Nobody puts Skirts in a corner

Banana Split Vegan Cupcakes: yes, please.

A happy customer.

Skirts need to get to the next checkpoint!

Ged Enjoys some Banana Split Yummies


Judy and Stephanie A. Relax

You can check out more FF3 pictures here: Fixed Fight 3

Fixed Fight 3 - April 18th

    On Saturday, April 18th, The Skirts (along with anyone who knows what's good for them) will be attending Fixed Fight 3 in Saint Petersburg, Fl.  Last year's Fixed Fight was the official Debut of The Skirts, and we've had one hell of a year.  
     What can you expect from us?  Well, we'll have some new shirts to sell (though in limited supply, so make sure to snatch yours up while you can!) as well as some top tube pads and hand-knit fingerless gloves, made personally by The Skirts!  And, as per usual, you can expect to purchase and enjoy the best damn vegan cupcakes you have ever tasted.
     The Skirts will also be racing, gunning for some of the fabulous prizes that organizers Todd and Pete have rounded up for one fabulous event.

Registration begins at 1:30 PM in the Courtyard of Cafe Bohemia - 937 Central Avenue, St. Pete.  The race begins promptly at 3.  Afterwards, the celebration/awards will be held at Cafe Bohemia with a Trick Comp to follow.

Be there!

Buy our stuff, yo.

Introducing the Skirts official online store. Many people cannot make it out to races, and therefore can't get their hands on sweet, sweet Skirts merch. We decided to offer a cafepress store, so you can order all types of wonderful Skirts stuff.

The Official Skirts Store

Didju know?

That there is a Florida Bike Events Calendar?

It lives here.

Miracle on 34th Street and The Nutcracker: Results and Photographs

Both races went swimmingly and the after party was lovely. Thanks to Carol Davis and Mike Weimar for all their hard work and for inviting us to collaborate. Thanks to our sponsors for such fantastic prizes: 66Fixed, Polar Bottle, R.E.Load, World Liquors, The Cider House, Keirin Culture, Tampa Bay Bike Co-op, Profile Fixed, Burro Bags, Northeast Cycles, Nature's Finest, Belts by Randon, Bob Croslin Photography, Ahrens Bicycles, and of course Pam, for hosting the party.

Final Results for the The Nutcracker:

Total Time / Time Trial / Brick Load*
1. David Horst, Tampa 1hr 26min - 19 min - 4 (1st place overall)
2. Pete Young, Tampa 1hr 28min - 19min - 2
3. Jake Hill, St Pete 1hr 30min - 17min - 2 (1st place time trial)
4. Taylor Norton, Tampa 1hr 31min - 18.45min - 2
5. Troy Scholl, Fish Hawk Ranch 1hr 31min - 19min - 2 (First Out-of-Town)
6. Michael Davis, St Pete 1hr 31min - 20min - 2
7. David Japenga, Oakland CA 1hr 32min - 17.15min - 2 (3rd place time trial)
8. Elizabeth Hill, St Pete 1hr 32min - 17.15min - 2 (1st Female, 2nd place time trial)
9. Dylan Felix, St Pete 1hr 37min - 20.30min - 7 (Heaviest Load!)
10. Trevor Beanes, Gainesville 1hr 39min - 19.30min - 5
11. Jerry Rodriguez, Gainesville 1hr 40min - 21.45min - 4
12. Nick Emery, Palm Harbor 1hr 40min - 20.15min - 4
13. Mondo, St Pete 1hr 40min - 18.30min - 4
14. Ryan Gallagher, Gainesville 1hr 40min - 21min - 4
15. Anthony Positano,Orlando 1hr 41min - 21min - 3
16. Ryan Hutchinson, Orlando 1hr 41min - 19.30min - 3
17. Ryan Magin, St Pete 1hr 41min - 21.45min - 4
18. Jim Vickers, Jacksonville 1hr 41min - 20.30min - 4
19. Keith Thomas, Tampa 1hr 42min - ? - ?
20. Matthew McCagg, Gainesville 1hr 42min - 21min - 2
21. Zack Fortune, Orlando 1hr 47min - 21.45min - 4
22. Ben Araya, Clearwater 1hr 56min - 23min - 2
23. Peter Matthews, Orlando 1hr 56min - 22min - 2
24. Mark Jenkins, St Pete 1hr 56min - 22min - 2

13 riders did not finish.

Nutcracker Checkpoints:

Checkpoint One: Seven Mile time trial over two bridges
Checkpoint Two: Without a messenger bag, pick up two glass ornaments and deliver them to Checkpoint 3, 8 miles away
*Checkpoint Three: Pick up messenger bag preloaded with 10 lbs. of bricks, take more for a time bonus
Checkpoint Four: Keep the bricks and get another map
Checkpoint Five: Drop the bricks and grab a map to the finish

Total approximate distance was 31 miles. Race route is here.

Final Results for Miracle on 34th St:

Most points: Ged Helm, St. Pete
First Girl: Tara
Second Girl: Dana
First Out of Towner: Mooj
Best Costume: That guy in the Elf costume
Best Letter to Santa: Dolo
Best Time: Joe V. and the other dude with him.

The official results were burned to a crisp after an unfortunate fire during the after party. (We had fun, to say the least.) Results will be updated as soon as possible. Since the award ceremony happened before the fire, all winners received their prizes.

Miracle on 34th Street Checkpoints:

1. Write a letter to Santa. Points for style and Skirts flattery.
2. Eat at least one cupcake. More points for more cupcakes.
3. Wrap a present, carry it to next checkpoint. Points for style.
4. Drink soynog. Points for style and volume.

Checkpoints could be attended in any order. Overall winner based on points rather than time.

Trick Competition Results:

Best overall: Anthony, Orlando
Best trick: Will, St. Pete
Best skid: Randon, Clearwater

Final Results of the Florida Fixed Gear Points Series:

1. Pete Young, Tampa
2. Danny Noriega, St. Pete

Thanks to Michael Davis and Taylor Norton for organizing and meticulously tracking the points for each rider in every qualified race over the last year. Final results for all riders will be available soon.

Here's a little bit of what it looked like. We tried to credit and caption all the photos, but Blogger has its panties all in a twist. These photos are from Bob Croslin, Erin Parke, Abbie Rae Harris, Pamela Tinnen, and John. They cover all of the events of the weekend, from the Skirts baking party on Friday night to the Polo Extravaganzaaaaa on Sunday. Follow the links for more photos.