King of Evil II, the photographs.

We had a real swell time! Thanks to Corey Jordan for pulling together such a lovely night race, and congrats to all The Skirts who raced, placed, baked, manned tables, or did anything else to help keep this delightful operation afloat.

Some of Pamagram's King of Evil photos:
Amanda modeling one of our new team shirts

Carolyn wants you to call her people. We are nothing without our networking

Dark chocolate chocolate chip cuppers with chocolate mousse. Bonus mini flyer, as usual. 

Lily, unofficial Skirts photographer and speed demon.

The booth. Notice our new shirts right thar on the front! $12, and proceeds go to The Skirts and CASA!

See the rest on her flickr.

Lily's pictures:
Pre-race hydration does not include haterade. 

Eric Rogers: nosebleed victim or true feminist?

Pre-race polo tournament, a happy new tradition. 

Lily's pictures live here.

Bob Croslin came out and took some really excellent photos:

Danny and Abbie!


Lily! Rawr!

Carol and Mike!

The Skirts (Well, some of us. Trying to get everyone in one picture is like trying to catch a cloud and pin it down). Athena, Kelly, Lily, Abbie, Pamalita. 

The rest of his King of Evil II pictures are here.

If you'd like to buy a Skirts shirt ($12, charcoal with the logo) or a spoke card ($2 with the bike laws on the back), email us at, or come visit us at an upcoming event. We owe a whole lot to Patrick for making the logo, and Tyler for busting his butt to make the shirts in time for this weekend's race. Thanks guys!

We went to Disney World, and all we got were these stupid spoke cards.

So we didn't actually go to Disney World, and the spoke cards were pretty great. And we had a lovely time at Rat Race 2. Thanks to the organizers for letting us set up a bake sale before and after, and for putting on such a fun race.

From Steve Willis:

Drunken Monkey, pre race.

Carol slides!

See the rest of his photos here.

From Falon:



Pamela and Carolyn!

Scotty! Action shot!

See the rest of her photos here.

From Pamalita, Skirts prez:


Oh hai wanna buy a cupcake?

Psst! We've got Skirts spoke cards for sale. And they've got the Florida bike laws on the back! Email us at or visit us at an event if you want one.

See her photos

<3 The Skirts

King of Evil! This weekend! Wowzers!

We'll be there! With cupcakes! Before and after. Come see us at the race, and come see us for the benefit brunch that follows.

So throw your hands in the ay-air. And wave them like you just don't cay-are.

And if you like tofu and grits and all that pimp @$!&, everybody lemme hear you say oh yeah-er.

The next brunch and bike ride will be Sunday, July 20th. 12:30 for the ride, 1:30 for the brunch. The menu is fantastic, the theme is phenomenal, and the proceeds this month (brunch is still only $5!) go to The Skirts. Woo! See details at Hooray Vegan.

A preview:

Welcome to Atlanta, where the players play. And we ride on them things like every day.

The Skirts will have a team or two and a bake sale at FM.24 this year. September 6-7, 2008, Atlanta, Georgia. Details TBA.

If you'd like to ride with the Skirts, let us know at

Woo! Can't wait.