How was our weekend? Epic, thanks for asking.

The Skirts had a busy and most excellent weekend. A summary, and some gratitude:

  • To Todd for putting together such a delightful race. It was fun, well run, and original. Extra thanks to Todd for letting us set up shop for our bake sale, and on such short notice. 
  • To all the folks that supported our first ever benefit bake sale. We did even better than expected, and are looking forward to feeding ya'll again soon. 
  • To everyone that attended and helped with brunch. See you next month!
  • To our Skirts that finished 1st (Carol Davis), 2nd (Jen Norris), and 3rd (Lily Richeson) for girls! 
  • And props to all the Skirts that helped make the weekend a success. Whether you baked, raced, cleaned, took pictures, counted money, slung muffins, or glued miniature spoke cards onto toothpicks, your efforts were much appreciated. 
It's a busy couple of weeks for all of us, but look for training rides, workshops, and more fundraisers in May. We'll have more pictures up in a few days, but for now, check out some of Lily's bake sale porn:

We love girls on bikes! As always, email us at if you are interested in joining up. 

<3 The Skirts

Our cupcakes bring all the kids to the yard.

Our first official event will be a bake sale at Fixed Fight, April 19th, at 1:00. How will you find us? We'll be the ones sitting behind a table full of delicious, gorgeous, vegan baked goods. 25% of the proceeds from all St. Pete Skirts fundraisers go to CASA, and the rest goes to getting girls on bikes. It's a win-win.

What is Fixed Fight? This is Fixed Fight:

Also, here's some bonus cupcake porn, so you know what to expect:

Questions? Comments? Email us at See you there!

You are invited to a brunch!

What: April Snell Isle Brunch and Bike Ride (All vegan, all delicious, all for charity)

When: April 20th, 2008 at 1:30 (Bike ride begins at 12:30 in Northshore Park)

Where: 140 Ricardo Way NE, St. Pete ( for details / directions)

Proceeds from this month's brunch are going to The Skirts (and 50% of Skirts proceeds go to CASA). Get a load of this menu:

See Hooray Vegan for photos and recipes from past brunches.

Listen up!

There are some girls in St. Pete, and they are riding some bikes. To boot, they are getting some other girls to ride bikes, and raising some money for charity. 

Expect workshops, fundraisers, cupcakes, high fives, bike rides, festivities, sugar, spice, and other toing and froing. Details to come. 

Want in on this? Email us at

<3 SPS