How was our weekend? Epic, thanks for asking.

The Skirts had a busy and most excellent weekend. A summary, and some gratitude:

  • To Todd for putting together such a delightful race. It was fun, well run, and original. Extra thanks to Todd for letting us set up shop for our bake sale, and on such short notice. 
  • To all the folks that supported our first ever benefit bake sale. We did even better than expected, and are looking forward to feeding ya'll again soon. 
  • To everyone that attended and helped with brunch. See you next month!
  • To our Skirts that finished 1st (Carol Davis), 2nd (Jen Norris), and 3rd (Lily Richeson) for girls! 
  • And props to all the Skirts that helped make the weekend a success. Whether you baked, raced, cleaned, took pictures, counted money, slung muffins, or glued miniature spoke cards onto toothpicks, your efforts were much appreciated. 
It's a busy couple of weeks for all of us, but look for training rides, workshops, and more fundraisers in May. We'll have more pictures up in a few days, but for now, check out some of Lily's bake sale porn:

We love girls on bikes! As always, email us at if you are interested in joining up. 

<3 The Skirts


Anonymous said...

Race? Yes, and boy did we take it over or is it girl? We owned Fixed fight you're all amazing, I keeps you. <3 Jen

Adam said...

Mmmm........ delish!