Ride with me girl, let me show you where we kick it at.

The Tuesday Night Skirts ride meets at 7 pm at 66fixed. All girls are welcome and encouraged to attend, regardless of your experience, age, or bicycle. This route changes week to week, so send us an email if you'd like to know where we're going this week. The Skirts have a no drop policy, so don't be shy about coming out to ride bikes with us!

We meet every Tuesday unless noted otherwise. Email us at stpeteskirts@gmail.com with questions, suggestions, complaints, or compliments.

PS, we typically have meetings following the ride. Email us ahead of time if you'd like to attend a meeting and not the ride, and we will let you know where we'll be. 


Anonymous said...

Hey! This is Cathryn. I was just wondering what the mileage is that the Tuesday rides average. I was thinking about joining tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

hellllooooo! moved to the burg in october and tool around downtown or by the water to entertain myself or grab a drink. just found your flyer and wanna come play! ummm no knowledge or skills regarding bikes, but i like to wander :) heather